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Ok. Perhaps not.

But I am extremely proud of myself, more specifically my quadriceps. When I got the newer of my two bikes, I almost never used the big ring on the primary gears. Without much in the way of hills, I didn't need it to build speed going downhill. And my puny little (well, not little. My legs have never been little.) girlie legs just couldn't push that big of a gear effectively on the flat. And I didn't need to go that fast.

No more. The other day, I was using my middle ring up front, and had maxed the back gears out. And I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if I had a bigger gear, so I could go just a bit faster?" Then I said to myself, "But wait! You do! You can go just a little bit faster!"

This prompted Greg to agree that I ride about as fast as he does now. Of course, since he's always bugging me to race now, it's something less than pure victory.