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No wait. It's not. You can tell that because: a) It's just a blog. b) If it were a thermonuclear weapon it would be better hidden, right?

But this week, a sticker promoting the Florida punk-folk band "This Bike is a Pipe Bomb" started problems again. Darned dirty punk folks. Or folk punks. Whatever.

The sticker, of course, was on a bike. Which was parked at an airport. On one hand, I understand that airport officials have to be hyper vigilant about bombs, bomb threats and calling things the bomb (thank goodness no one says that anymore). On the other hand, what are the odds a pipe bomb is going to be conveniently labeled for easy detection? Plus, any punk folks/folk punks I have known are too broke, thrifty or opposed to waste to blow up a perfectly good bicycle. At the very least, they'd strip off all the parts before 'sploding it.

For the record, all my bikes are just bikes. I might think they are "the bomb" but none of them are a bomb. They do say "Trek," so I sometimes think they'll turn into a really awful science fiction program, but they never do. I guess you can't trust labels on bikes.