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Image The wildflowers in DeWitt County are a beautiful sight to see. I, and about 89 other bicyclists got an up close and personal look at the roadside colors Saturday morning during the annual Wildflower Bike Ride in Cuero.

Sponsored by the Anchor Club of Cuero, the ride offered several routes taking riders out on rural routes where wildflowers could be found in abundance. Several of us bicyclists brought cameras along and stopped to record nature's beauty on our ride.

Just before the abbrievated ride welcome and safety talk, I chatted briefly with Victoria attorney Lee Keeling, who said he was riding one of the longer routes. I also spotted Victoria City Councilman Paul Polasek and his group decked out in bicycle attire and ready for the ride.

I did the 30-mile route, which took me up Old Gonzales Road, Ed Blackwell Road and Farm-to-Market Road 766. Rest stops manned by smiling volunteers could be enjoyed every 10 miles or so.

Normally, I have a ride buddy with me but this ride was done mostly solo. I rode briefly with a woman named Tracy but her pace was a bit slower than mine, although she went on ahead of me at one point. I brought along an MP3 player and listened to some tunes from the 70s. I found myself singing along to Three Dog Night's "Out in the Country" because I really was out in the country.

As I approached the curve of a rural road, I spotted a photographer up ahead. I smiled at him, not wanting any signs of fatigue to show in his picture of me. As I got closer, I realized the photographer had his camera trained away from me and on a field of wildflowers. Oh well! I did get a fellow rider to shoot a picture of me in wildflowers.

The ride ended all too soon - about three-and-a-half hours after the 8 a.m. start. Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors who made this annual ride possible.

Next up: Rolling Hills Challenge on Saturday, May 8 in Columbus. I'll probably pass on the ride this year but I would recommend it.