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Today is Ride Your Bike to Work Day so I did (yes, I'm probably the idiot in the bright yellow shirt that you almost ran over). The weather was good, although with afternoon temps in the mid-80s, it was a little warm on the 25-minute ride.

I only had a five-mile commute and could park my bike at work for the duration of my shift. I work at a desk and don't have to go anywhere else during the course of the work day.

Ride Your Bike to Work Day is a win-win situation in several areas:

1.I save a little money on gas

2.Less wear and tear on the car

3.Less air pollution in the community

4.Exercise for this tired old body

5.An extra parking spot at the office

Throughout this year, I'll try to bike to work a few more days for the above listed reasons.

In my next blog entry, I'll list some items and equipment you might like to have for an easier and more enjoyable long distance bike ride.

In the meantime, Happy Trails to You! (I stole that from Roy Rogers and Dale Evans)