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A lot of times when we write an article about a fire those who work behind the scenes aren't in the story. First responders work hard to ensure the safety of neighborhoods by braving the flames of a fire, tending to the injuries of the people and controlling an environment that could easily be described as hectic.

But what about those who serve the men and women assisting our community?

I had the pleasure of meeting David Fisher, the president of the Civilian Fire Academy, on Wednesday. Fisher retired as postmaster from the Cuero Post Office after 40 years of service, and said Sept. 11 inspired him to dedicate his years after retirement to helping first responders.

The civilian academy, a non-profit organization, arrives at the scene of level 1 and 2 fires to bring food and drink to fire fighters. I met a team of three at a fire in the 500 block of River Road that left a family of five homeless.

The civilian academy has been around for eight years, and Fisher has been helping for the past three. There are a total of 32 active members, he said.

As for what he like best about being in the academy, he said "just helping and being a vital core member of an outstanding group. (The firefighters) love it when we pull up."

If you're interested in being a part of the group a free six-week training class is expected to begin in May. For more information and an application, contact the Victoria Fire Administration Office at 361-485-3450 or download a brochure and application on the city website.