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Wow what a waste in human interaction with reality. Are you naive enough to believe that all it takes is, to vote in candidates that you think will favor lower taxes. Lower taxes for the average Joe is a slight of hand trick to make you think all will be well in the world. Where are your concerns and outrages regarding huge corporate tax loopholes, like for Exxon Mobile, where you the citizen taxpayer have to foot the difference? If I owned 50,000 shares of Exxon Mobile or Royal Dutch Shell, I would probably feel different because that favors the shares rating, but the vast majority of 401k holders don’t have majority shares in these stocks to begin with. Where were you during the last 8 years as Bush spent $$$ like there was no end in sight in Iraq? The admin and congress ran up the deficit, but no Tea Parties were held then.

A Senate report estimated in 2008 that the United States loses up to $100 billion a year in tax revenue to offshore tax havens (PDF). In a report released Wednesday, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group offers a state-by-state breakdown of the cost to taxpayers of tax revenue lost to "shell companies and sham headquarters" in places like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.

The practice soaks dutiful taxpayers in every state for hundreds of millions of dollars, according to U.S. PIRG. The citizens of New York and Texas shoulder over $8 billion a year, and the good people of California are on the hook for an extra $11 billion according to reports by the Huffington Post.

Start a movement to force corporations to pay a fair tax like the rest of us and I will join you at DeLeon Plaza.