Going into the Fourth week of Advent we continue to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ. A time of reflection and thoughts of how we might serve God for the wonderful gift he about to bring into the world, are deep in my heart. “He comes not to be served, but to serve.” Humbled before the world, the lamb of God comes to gather his lost flock, reaches out to those in the darkness and invites us to walk into the light of his love. As I prepare to assemble a an ACTS team, we too humble ourselves to serve God and our fellow man. God reaches out to us everyday and invites us to a closer union with him. Through prayer, devotion and acts of service, those bonds grow closer and closer and we begin to hear the voice of God. He speaks to us in the silence of our hearts and through the pascal mystery of the Holy Spirit. Fear not for I'am with you always. Soon the time of Christmas , then Lent will be upon us and our Lord's passion will open the gates of heaven and win for all of us a new life.