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Last week the fiancée and I had our first marriage prep with our priest. It was a little enlightening. We actually did a scantron test pertaining to questions in our relationship. We were given two assignments to pray together that night and watch the movie Fireproof.

We finally watched Fireproof tonight. I don't think we could have watched it at a better time.

With a boil water notice in effect, we decided to go out to eat. This lead to an argument as we both tried to please the other on where we wanted to go. This is one of our major issues...where to eat. Ridiculous, I know. I also wanted to be right on someone else turning on the water outside, but that's another issue.

After deciding on pizza, driving home, starting to be nice to each other, then getting home eating the pizza and watching the movie.

I was pretty much moved by the movie. It has been a long time since I cried so much watching a movie. Once you get past the "Lifetime movie" feel of it. You get to the heart of all the messages.

Marriage takes two people. It's not all give and take. It's being appericative of the other person. It's putting yourself in the other person's shoes. It's not taking your spouse and everything around you for granted.

I think like most things in life, it becomes routine. That includes how we respond, react and view others and things around us. How many times do you thank your spouse for something they did? Pay a complement? Tell them how much they mean to you or how much you love them? We all know how nice it feels to get paid a complement.

It's about appreciation and respect. I want to appreciate what my fiancée does and I respect him and his decisions.

Marriage takes God. You need to pray for each other, thank God each day for one another. Love is firm and strong when God is in the relationship. You can always turn to God when things get rough.

Two final things. First, for those who want to strengthen their relationship, watch FireProof. If you are starting to drift apart in your relationship, I dare you to take the Love Dare. I think you will be glad you did.

Second, I leave you with this poem by Beth Stuckwisch

Marriage takes three to be complete; It's not enough for two to meet. They must be united in love By love's Creator, God above. Then their love will be firm and strong; Able to last when things go wrong, Because they've felt God's love and know He's always there, He'll never go. And they have both loved Him in kind With all the heart and soul and mind And in that love they've found the way To love each other every day. A marriage that follows God's plan Takes more than a woman and a man. It needs a oneness that can be Only from Christ- Marriage takes three.