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VISD has created a Community of Excellence, focusing on 7 areas where the community and the school can work together. The goal is to keep students in school and focus on their future through education. By uniting our efforts, we can accomplish these goals.

Our first committee meeting for Communication and Partnerships met to address how we educate students, parents and businesses about the importance of education for a productive future. Through this committee, we have agreed to develop and saturate Victoria with a campaign focused on staying in school, i.e. "the more you learn the more you earn". We will explore different campaigns that exist in other states as well as brainstorm ideas that work best in Victoria, reaching a diverse population with different languages spoken in the home. We will work with other committees to help educate and inform the public on ways to improve attendance.

Also, we will focus on creating partnerships with local businesses to help promote student attendance and encourage students to develop beneficial work/school schedules when needed. We are looking for media partners and business partners who are willing to help promote these objectives. If you are interested in this committee you can contact Eric Amsler at or 361-788-2820.

We will continue to update and keep the public informed on ways you can help and how we will move forward. Other committees will post updates on their outcomes. We invite the public to join our efforts to improve our community through a city wide commitment to raise educational attainment for all students. The next meeting for Communication and Partnerships is November 8th at East High School library at 5:30 pm.