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Serendipity means a fortunate discovery that wasn't planned. Well, that's what happened in our planning of Your Soapbox at the Town Square, which happens this Wednesday.

The Smithsonian Institution began Jazz Appreciation Month back in 2001 to celebrate and commemorate the American art form jazz. the month is April.

Jazz is truly an American invention and musical art form. It's as American as our Constitution and baseball.

In our planning of Your Soapbox at the Town Square, an event to honor and celebrate the Advocate's opinion writers, we decided to engage the music of the Victoria College Jazz Combo. How appropriate for our event to have something truly American. And you can bet that the VC Jazz Combo will provided some great music.

Remember, Your Soapbox will be held at DeLeon Plaza in downtown Victoria from noon to 2 p.m. We will have gifts for the first 20 or so opinion writers who show up. Opinion writers: letters to the editor, guest columns, blogs, posts to the forums -- anyone who pens an opinion in the Advocate in print or online.