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We received some good suggestions to consider at our editorial board meeting today from one of our readers. And we will consider these. Here are a few of them:

  1. Coastal communities will eventually have to desalinate water. One method of electricity production involves desalinating salt water to produce steam used to run the turbines. Saudi Arabia, I've heard, is bulding a combined desalination for freshwater use with electrical production. Can you find out about how this procedure works and how much it would cost?

  2. How is radioactive waste stored at nuclear plants? Can it be safely stored if buried miles down? Nuclear power does not pollute the air. Then there are the "don't talk about it" issues in full force in this area.

We appreciate all suggestions and will consider them at our weekly board meeting. If you have issues that you'd like us to address, please e-mail them (e-mail below) or bring them by the Advocate at 311 E. Constitution St. in downtown Victoria. I'll let you know what our plans are on the two suggestions listed here in a later blog.

Sincerely, Tim Delaney -- Community Conversation Editor

Victoria Advocate