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The Advocate's editorial board will host the candidates in the three Victoria City Council races in the next couple of weeks. Our first question and answer session will be Thursday at 2 p.m. At this session, we will host Emett Alvarez and incumbent Joe Truman for the position of Super District 5 councilman.

So far, we have determined this selection of questions for the candidates:

What is your assessment of streets and the city's progress repairing them? Would you do anything different?

What are your 2011 budget priorities?

What's your position on downtown revitalization? The Main Street program promoted by KVB?

What do you think of the city branding campaign?

What is your position on some of the cuts that have been made recently to the city budget (i.e., library, arts, etc.)?

What do you think about the decision to earmark funds for the extension of Airline road?

What do you think about the city partnering with the county to consolidate overlapping emergency (or other) services as a cost savings initiative?

Do you believe we have a problem locally with dropout rates, and if so, what can the city to do help address that problem?

What is the biggest problem confronting the city of Victoria? What about the next 5 years?

What distinguishes you from your candidate? Or Why should the voters elect you?

We won't ask these questions in any particular order, but we do invite you to submit questions you might like the candidates to answer.

You can submit questions to this blog, or tune in to the Q&A session at and pose the questions to our moderator while the session is live. It's your choice.

Thanks, Tim Delaney Community Conversation Editor