Blogs » Community Conversation Editor » Why are certain posts removed online?


Recently, a few of our posters online have complained about their posts being removed.

I hope to explain a few things about Advocate policy pertaining to online postings.

First and above all, the Advocate’s policy is based on a foundation of fairness. But much responsibility comes with that statement.

Of primary importance to know, when a letter writer or a guest column writer signs their names to their letter or column, we give preference to that writer in reference to negative online criticism.

We don’t think it is fair to post negative criticism about someone who has signed his or her name when the criticism is coming from an anonymous person. So we remove online posts in these situations. But in fairness, you are welcome to send a signed letter to the editor to voice your criticism.

Remember, however, that all letters and columns must be in good taste and in the spirit of civil dialogue. It’s OK to attack what a writer is saying; it is not OK to attack the writer. This also goes for criticism about people in the news.

We insist on mutual respect for one another, writing with no foul language and adherence to other letter policy, including word length and contact information. This way, all can feel welcomed to express opinions without the threat of being beaten up by an anonymous poster.

With that said, we like the interaction on our website. A good, healthy conversation is always welcomed. And this type of communication often can serve to open someone’s eyes to a different viewpoint.