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As always, please share your editorial ideas with us. We appreciate your voice: This week, we will have a guest editorial member: Former Victoria County Judge Helen Walker

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Here's a rundown of ideas to discuss Wednesday:

Editorial ideas from HEADLINES


Charting new course for Colony Creek -- A1 on Friday, Feb. 3

Boots Walkin' or Stayin' -- A1 on Thursday, Feb. 2

Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012

Fewer cranes flying/Flock endures despite redtide algae, drought -- A1

Monday, Feb. 6

Council considers raises for top employees -- A1

Tuesday, Feb. 7

Curbside Recycling starts strong/First day sees about 600 carts picked up on Victoria streets -- A1

Commissioners court, sheriff reach security compromise (but not revealed)-- B1

UHV Student count stagnant, perhaps because of necessary vaccine/Officials believe meningitis precaution may be reason for enrollment numbers -- B1


Feb. 8

City manager and city attorney are expected to receive a pay raise.

VC will hold a special meeting Tuesday. On the agenda: Consider agreement with VPAC for sale of performing arts center.

Knowledge Bowl -- Feb. 17. The Adult Literacy Council has raised about $150,000 over that past 17 years to fight illiteracy because of this event, which originated at the Advocate.

Feb. 9

Preliminary FEMA floodplain boundary maps look to remove 400 homes from the floodplain thanks to a $10 million general obligation bond election approved in 2000.

Feb. 11

The Texas Zoo undergo an expansion soon. First, the zoo will build new berms around the zoo to meet the FEMA mandates and to also avoid a zoo disaster similar to what happened with the flood of 1998. The South Texas Zoological Society soon will begin a campaign to raise funds for the project, which is estimated to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Secondly, the zoo will be expanding three acres. Plans for the new acreage include an ampitheater, more restrooms and a water park.

Feb. 12

Two of Dagoberto Gilb's books have been banned in Tucson. Gilb, is the writer-in-residence at UHV.


-up to Victoria's Lions Clubs for the Bowl-A-Thon to benefit the Kions Eye Bank Texas at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

-up to Victoria College baseball starting up again on Feb. 25.

-up to the Family Outdoor Expo.

-up to Industrial High School teacher Tia Patton for being named one of the top 15 teachers who received a UIL Sponsor Exellence award.

-up to the New York Giants and the New England Patriots for a great Super Bowl game.

-up to SOME of the Super Bowl ads.

-up to Our Lady of Victory's 25-year-old time capsule -- a look at the past.

-up to the Queen Victoria pageant contestants.

-up to the Sweetheart Charity Ball, fundraiser for the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent.

-down to the forecast of more drought in the next couple of months.