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We have a special guest this week in the Internet Cafe. Robert Hewitt Jr. will join us to discuss topics for possible editorials through the week. Hewitt is a successful Victoria businessman, and his input will be greatly welcomed. Many issues to consider have cropped up in the past week, so we will have a busy hour.

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Of course, we primarily address local issues. But sometimes we will venture into larger subjects. A good example of a larger issue might be the recent state decision that landowners own the water under their property, much like the oil and gas, if they own those rights in their property deeds.

Another issue concerns veterans. We certainly worry about our veterans who are plagued by post tramatic stress disorder not getting the care they so deserve.

Also, if you have ideas we should consider, please send them to us via the chat room of our broadcast. We also welcome thumbs-up or thumbs-down.

We are looking forward to discussing editorial topics with you. See you there.