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The Advocate’s editorial board conducted its first broadcast Wednesday. If you missed it, you can always tune in at 1:30 p.m. Wednesdays to learn what issues will be written about in editorials for the upcoming week. Just go to to watch and participate in the chat room.

Yes, you can participate by suggesting issues or topics pertaining to Victoria and the Crossroads that might need addressing in an editorial.

Hope to see you there next Wednesday.

Here are the topics the editorial board agreed on for this week:

Thursday: The Victoria Performing Arts Center will oversee spending of hotel occupancy tax funds allocated by the city for a first-time film festival.

Friday: Edna’s Breckenridge Park has been host for some great events. We recognize its progressive nature.

Saturday: Thumbs-up, thumbs-down run in editorial spot.

Sunday: Throwdowns – We are against filming violence and films that encourage that sort of activity. The energy and effort should be used to promote something positive.

Monday: An “Others View” will be in the editorial spot.

Tuesday: A tribute to Charles Borchers, Victoria area entrepreneur.

Wednesday: Elementary school attendance zones keep the population and socio-economic makeup balanced between East and West.

These editorials are not written in stone. Sometimes, an issue presents itself that needs immediate attention. But for the most part, this outline likely will be used.