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Our editorial board welcomes this week’s guest, Victoria Economic Development Corp. President Dale Fowler. Tune in at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday to hear our discussion over issues that might appear as an editorial through the week.

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As the Advocate pursues a project to engage the community promoting education, we will have a discussion with Fowler about the needs of industry, pertaining to education.

Already, Caterpillar Inc. wants more education possibilities for future employees and Victoria College is responding with more courses. Other industry in the Crossroads may be asking to fulfill that need as well.

We will touch on other topics of importance, too. We’ve seen a rash of wrecks lately; maybe a safety message is in order. Certainly, a safety message might be appropriate for the new construction on the Loop near the mall.

Also, automated meters are coming to the city. Let's talk about this new innovation.

And Jim Murphy of the Guadalupe Blanco River authority suggested a desalination plant in the Crossroads. Such a plant would solve the area’s water issues.

Expansion of Riverside Park is really interesting, too.

As you can see, we will have lots to talk about. Join us, and you can offer ideas and input via the website’s chat room or drop by at 311 E. Constitution St. See you there in the Advocate’s Internet Cafe.