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I am confused about something -- In the Ure/City officials Trial, Why is the prosecutor pursuing this case with such gusto? I know for a fact that the 4 indicted individuals are not the ONLY high-ranking officials charged with perjury since Tyler has been in office. In fact, there has been little or no coverage of the Maples case. Why is that?

For those of you who don't recall, Dr. Michael Maples was the principal at MHS-Sr Campus who replaced Mr. Schulke for the 2007/2008 school year. A mere two weeks after the school year began, Dr. Maples was indicted by his former employer in Oklahoma City for the embezzlement of funds, including Federal Funds. VISD placed him on "administrative leave" with pay for less than a month before he was fired and subsequently indicted and arrested for lying on his application.

Dr. Maples eventually plead guilty to the embezzlement charges in OKC and was sentenced to one year in prison. His prison term was to begin this past summer. At one time, late last spring, Dr. Maples was scheduled to appear in Court down here, but because of the Ratcliff trial and the indictments of the "fab four", the case was postponed, or continued.....

Now, my concern is this: why is the DA pursuing the city officials so vehemently, and letting this former school administrator go? Why can't Mr. Tyler prosecute Dr. Maples as aggressively as the Police chief?

Dr. Maples not only stole money from his former school -- money that was to benefit the education of children, but lied about ever being convicted of a crime --- Maples spent time in a military prison for insurance fraud and displaying medals he didn't earn....

Isn't his perjury just as bad as the alleged perjury of the city officials? (IMO, what Maples did was much worse.) Or is it just that the "powers that be" decided that the man was already spending a year in prison, what more could be done to him, so they just let the ball drop?

Does anyone have any answers?