With all the brouhaha about the judge, Ure, Hagen, etc... I've been remis in posting about my experience in kicking the nicotine habit.....

I am on day nine with Chantix. It's working. Cigs taste like excrement now and I'm not enjoying it. I'm down to just 3 or 4 a day. And that is mostly habit.

I haven't had any really horrible side effects from the Chantix. No technicolor dreams or anything.... but there is a side effect that is unpleasant to me. . . . actually 2. One, I'd rather not discuss as it is highly personal ---- the other is, that my tastes have changed --- my caffene habit has not changed as well. Dr. Pepper doesn't taste as good as it did 2 weeks ago and I'm drinking fewer, opting instead for ice water with lemon.

I was surprised by how much my insurance paid toward the Chantix... when it first came out, they wouldn't pay very much toward it. Out of pocket, I would have had to paid about $100.00. Last week, I was determined that no matter what the cost, I was going to get the prescription.... well, when I went to pick it up from the pharmacy, my co-pay was only $30.00!
I guess our insurance company figured it'd be cheaper to pay for the prescription for 90 days than it would to pay for long term health benefits due to stroke, heart disease, cancer and lung disease! I'm glad --- and the amount that I haven't spent for cigarettes has more than paid for the prescription!

I have been steadfast in my initial edict from April 5th that smoking is no longer allowed inside our home.... However, I've noticed that I'm going to need to wash all the drapery and steam clean the carpet and wash the walls.....

I'm also beginning to notice how my clothes, hair and hands smell after I've had a cigarette.... even outside! YUCK!!!

Hopefully, in another week, I'll be completely done with this gross, disgusting and EXPENSIVE habit of mine!

Advice to people who don't smoke: DON'T START! I wish I would have never started!

Advice to people who do smoke but want to quit: Try the Chantix and take advantage of the online support!!! It's worth it!