Around noon today, I had just dropped my neice off to pick up her vehicle from the mechanic and was heading home when I saw a most heart breaking sight: At Loop 463 and Stockbauer, where the new high school is under construction, someone had "dumped" a momma dog and 2 puppies... just dumped them and left them there to be run over and killed! Luckily and surprisingly, there were two other people like me who stopped and got the dogs off the roadway and into the field where at least they had a chance. I got back in my car and called Animal control. The two other "angels"... stayed with the dogs... I can't imagine someone being so heartless as to just throw these animals out on the road to be mercilessly flattened! Or worse... slowly starved to death! Why did you get the dogs in the first place if you didn't intend to take care of them??? I hope one day you will be "dumped" far from home by the people you lovingly trusted -- But most importantly, I certainly hope that the dogs are taken in to be cared for and loved!!!