Blogs » Camille's Corner » Hi Starbucks: May I have an app with that Latte?


Image *Contributed photo from the Fire Wire

Starbucks started offering free iPhone apps this week. The “Pick of the Week” program will offer promotional codes to customers, so they can get free music on iTunes. Shazam Encore, a popular music identification app, will be the first one offered. It normally costs $5.99.

According to C-net, the relationship between Apple and Starbucks has been long-standing.

Here's an excerpt from one of their articles:

"Starbucks customers a way to download free music tracks from Apple's iTunes Music Store, and the two companies are now coming together to do the same with paid applications." For full article click here

After reading several articles, I haven't been able to find a comment from Starbucks.

It looks like the two super companies have just added an espresso shot to their market share.