Blogs » Camille's Corner » Bristol Palin’s baby daddy is too busy to run for Mayor


Image Photo Credit: Associated Press

Levi Johnston will not run for mayor in Wasilla, Alaska because he's too busy.

His attorney Rex Butler declined to give any specifics according to the Associated Press. But his client, Johnston, will have a book coming out next month to “set the record straight.”

Johnston has played around with the idea since last year. In previous interviews, his manager, Tank Jones hinted to fact the 21-year-old Wasilla resident was displeased with his hometown happenings.

Levi became known in 2008 as the young man who had a child with Bristol Palin. Sarah Palin's daughter was visibly pregnant when the former vice presidential candidate made a splash in the campaign circuit.

Since Johnston’s new-found fame, he’s posed semi-nude for Playgirl Magazine and appeared on Kathy Griffin's reality TV show.

Levi is stretching his 15-minutes of fame is stretching to 30 and I can't blame him for that. It's a smart business move. He even has an attorney and a manager releasing official statements on his behalf. Wow!

Although he has an estranged relationship with the former governor, he could potentially follow in her footsteps. His son’s grandmother, Palin, got her political start as the town’s mayor.

Crossroads readers, do you think Levi Johnston has a political future?