Blogs » Camille's Corner » Reporter calls Steve Jobs a jerk after his death


Steve Job's death took the world by storm. Fans were shaken to their core. I've seen countless stories and timelines about the former Apple CEO. But I was a little shocked to see this headline, "Steve Jobs Was A Jerk. Good For Him."

Gene Marks wrote the story for Forbes, but he is also a contributor for the New York Times. Here's an excerpt from the article.

Jobs was all about control. He was a jerk about what and when information was disclosed. He attacked the press when they said bad things about his products. His lawyers ruthlessly went after reporters who disclosed proprietary information.

The article struck a balance between praise and criticism. Marks even poked at himself. He would never be as successful as Jobs because he's not as brilliant or that much of of a jerk

As journalists, it is our duty to try to be balanced. We sometimes get criticized when we try to paint the full picture of a person, even after their death.

Do you think calling Steve Jobs a jerk crosses the line?