Blogs » Camille's Corner » Some California doctors support legalizing marijuana


Some doctors from the state of California want marijuana to be legalized and even claim their are medical benefits.

The California Medical Association are in tough position defending this argument, according to the Washington Times. On one hand, the group acknowledges the harmful effects with its usage. But, they claim the risks are similar to tobacco and alcohol, which are legal.

Part of the physicians' dilemma is deciding to recommend a drug to their patients. "Sunshine State" declares marijuana is legal for medical purposes, but it remains illegal under federal law.

Members of law enforcement claim passing the law is irresponsible.

This debate opens a floodgate of other issues.

If state legislators pass the legalization of marijuana, how would it be regulated? How would the law be constitutional if it goes against federal law? Will people incarcerated for marijuana be set free? Where do you draw the line on this slippery slope?

So many questions, so little information. Needless to say it makes for a great discussion.