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You know the old saying, "Crime doesn't pay". But for Casey Anthony, it just might.

The Florida State Attorney's Office and other law enforcement agencies want the daughter of George and Cindy Anthony to pay up for wasting money.

Here's an excerpt from Orlando's News 13 article "Will Casey Anthony have to pay thousands in Caylee search costs?"

The state said if Casey would have told the truth that Caylee drowned and then told them where her body was, they wouldn't have exhausted hundreds of thousands of dollars on the case.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office had followed up on more than 6,000 tips, and spent $293,000 on the investigation, and that doesn't include costs to other agencies that worked to search for Caylee:

Orange County Sheriff's Office: $293,000 Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement: $71,000 Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation: $10,000

Caylee's search cost taxpayers $374,000. You cannot put a dollar amount on someone's life. If this story had a happy ending it would have all been worth it. But it pains me to know this mother had everyone in a frenzy and her child was already dead. Something about that act seems so misleading and selfish.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over the highly-publicized trial, will meet Casey Anthony again in court. He will determine if the acquitted "Tot Mom" will have to pay for lying. Perry is scheduled to make a ruling by the end of the month.

Her "Dream Team" of lawyers, already came to her defense to say she doesn't have the financial means.

Months later, Casey Anthony is still making headlines. The world stood still on July 5 as everyone waited for the verdict.

I'm sure everyone remembers where they were when they heard the two words - "Not Guilty". Casey Anthony was cleared on the charges of murder, aggravated man slaughter and child neglect.

However, the 25-year-old Floridian, was convicted on four counts of lying to law enforcement officers. Anthony received the maximum sentence of one year for each count. Since she was in jail since October 2008, she was credited for her time.

The decision took my breath away.

This case garnered a lot of media attention, as well as the trial. And the prosecution had to face an uphill battle because they have the burden of proof. They were challenged to prove Anthony was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Some believe she literally got away with murder.

Television stations showed people's reaction of devastation and shock. Angry protestors picketed "Justice for Caylee!Justice for Caylee!" The country was in an uproar.

People were on a manhunt for Ms. Anthony. In Oklahoma, Sammay Blackwell was even attacked for looking like Casey.

Casey walked out of the courthouse as "free" woman a couple weeks after her acquittal was announced. But she walked from one prison to another.
She is considered the most hated person in America according to

I want to know from you Crossroads readers, Do you believe justice will be served?