Blogs » Camille's Corner » 80-year old grandma wants 80,000 Twitter followers before she dies



My 80-year-old grandfather just mastered using a cell phone. It would be a miracle to get him to use "evil" computers. His words not mine.

A Staten Island, N.Y., grandmother, Josephine Lamberti, is on life-changing quest to gain 80,000 Twitter followers before her Oct. 13 birthday, or before she dies. One thousand for each year of her life. Josie Dimples, or J-Dimps, is close to reaching her goal, with 73,000 tweeps.

People Magazine reported Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, pop sensation Rihanna, and "How I Met Your Mother" actor Jason Segel are among her most notable followers. For full story click here.

This tech-savvy grandma tweets celebrities, brags about her #oldladyswag,and posts pictures of herself with fake tattoos. What do you think about her quest? Check out her YouTube video.