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I read and watch the news, but more and more infrequently as the days come and go. The rantings and the skewing of people and reporters amuses and angers me all at one time. So many people are focused on all the wrong priorities. As a recent caregiver of a stage 4 lung cancer patient, I have seen how priorities can be warped. I now know the value we should place on the days we are on this earth. Yet people still focus on money, possessions, politics, and just basic selfish needs. What has happened to us as a society? When did money and possessions come to be so important? So important that friendships are lost over insanity, mis-communications, and just basic greed. I have lost a lot in my days, but I have gained too. I find that the more I give, the more I concern myself with the needs of others and my family, the more faith I have in both myself and GOD. Get real people. Quit thinking about what you don't have and concentrate on how you can make a difference. Life is truly short. Get over 40 and the days whiz by so quickly, you can't even remember what year you are in. Look around you. See the suffering. Ease the pain. Make life a little bit better by being in it. The minute we quit thinking people owe us something, the better this world will be. We are all in this together.