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Those of you that read blogs regularly have probably noticed a recent increase in the amount of SPAM showing up in blogs. Our team has been doing a great job of removing it as soon as it appears, so maybe you've been lucky enough to miss it. In the meantime, our development team has been working on various technical solutions to stop the influx.

We first assumed this was a typical, automated (bot) spamming effort, but when we employed normal countermeasures, they didn't work (honeypots and CAPTCHA for those keeping score at home). Based on that, we started to suspect the attack was not automated. Then, based on some new evidence we stumbled on last night, we are now confident that we are being hit by a network of human spammers (sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie). Doing a bit of research indicates that this is a new and growing trend. Here's one link where you can read more about it (I promise this isn't a site for erectile dysfunction or cheap fat loss pills, but it may cause your eyes to glaze over if you are geek-averse):

Cheap labor spammers

What is really startling is that it is supposedly cost effective (i.e. profitable) for people to spend time creating bogus email accounts, registering on our web site, opening an email, clicking a validation link, logging in, and then posting a blog with a link to some questionable product, only to have us come along zap their account. I can understand bots, but real people slogging through this over and over only to have it deleted? Amazing that someone can actually make money doing this.