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I can't wait till they get a nuclear weapon.

"In Tuesday's bombing, an Iranian named Saeid Moradi was in a Bangkok house when a cache of explosives detonated, apparently by accident, taking off a section of the roof. Thai police say that Moradi, wounded by the explosion, tried to flag down a cab on the street. "He was covered in blood, and the driver refused to take him," said Police General Pansiri Prapawat.

Moradi then allegedly threw a grenade at the taxi and started running. When he tried to hurl a second grenade at police, the bomb bounced off a tree. It exploded near Moradi and took off his legs. Police will interview him as soon as they are able in order to determine what he was plotting to attack."

"There is a time to laugh and a time not to laugh, and this is not one of them." - Inspector Jacques Clouseau: