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Craig James is the real deal, he is the best choice out of all the candidates running for the Senate - Republican or Democrat. He will be a strong voice and leader in the US senate something we sorely need more of.

But there is a lot of misinformation and outright lies being thrown out there concerning his involvement with the firing of Mike Leach, the Texas Tech football coach in 2009. This is what I understand happened. While James was announcing a game for ESPN between Texas Tech and Oklahoma State he was critical of Leach for sending in an injured quarterback into the game. James made the comment that he was putting the injured player at risk of further injury and he shouldn't have done that.

Leach apparently didn't like that so it seems he singled out Adam James, his son for "special treatment." His son called him and said he didn't like it and the whole team thought it was unfair. Craig James contacted either Leach or the university to inquire about what he called Leach's bullying tactics. The school investigated the incident and reprimanded Leach for violating school policy and demanded that he apologize to Adam in writing. Leach refused. He was fired for insubordination and other reasons that the school would not reveal.

A flurry of litigation resulted over this and other issues, the litigation eventually spilled over into a lawsuit against Craig James. In addition Leach started a massive smear campaign against James, his son and Texas Tech in general. To be honest I'd have to say that Leach doesn't appear to be playing with a full deck so anything he says has to be taken with a grain (or two) of salt. This is part of Leach's bio from wikipedia - kind of weird:

"Leach is fascinated with 18th century pirates his office is a museum of pirate paraphernalia. He has lectured his players on the history of pirates, and told them before games to "swing their swords." He said he admires pirates because:

"Pirates function as a team. There were a lot of castes and classes in England at the time. But with pirates, it didn't matter if you were black, white, rich or poor. The object was to get a treasure. If the captain did a bad job, you could just overthrow him."

But with regard to Craig James' involvement in this affair these are the facts:

  • He did not ask the coaches to give his son more playing time.
  • He did not hire a PR firm to get Mike Leach fired. Mike Leach got Mike Leach fired.
  • He did not threaten the school with a lawsuit if they didn't fire Leach.
  • He was not a business partner with a Tex Tech school official involved in the Leach firing.
  • He did not kill five hookers as Leach claims - although I'm not so sure about Leach.
  • His son James finished his college career at Tech with distinction - as follows:

"All-Big 12 honorable mention (Coaches)... All-Big 12 second team (AP)... All-Big 12 second team (Kansas City Star)... BIG 12 RANKINGS: one of 26 Big 12 players to record a 100-yard receiving game... Played in 12 games (5 starts) with 32 catches for 359 yards receiving with one receiving touchdown... averaged 11.2 yards per catch and 29.9 receiving yards per game... top performance in career came in final career game making a career-high 10 catches for a career-high 103 yards against No. 18 Baylor at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington (11/26)."

It seems it's all about Mike Leach and not his players. Was he abusive to his players you be the judge.