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No, this title is not a misprint, and no, this is not a new season of the popular MSNBC Lockup series.

But it is where I'll be tomorrow afternoon.

My interaction with prisons and prisoners has been limited. Other than coming across current or former prisoners during my time as a court reporter or getting reaquainted with a few relatives of mine that were guests of various Texas prisons over the years, I have not had a lot of experience talking to prisoners about their lives of crime that put them in their current or former incarcerated situation.

Alas, tomorrow will be my first inmate interview as a media professional.

Despite the terror I've seen or heard about happening in prisons via episodes of Lockup, I'm not really scared about going. Nonetheless, I will say a prayer before going inside.

I'm looking forward to interviewing my source, whose name I will not reveal at this time. Just know he is a Victoria native who was convicted of murder in the 1990s. He seemingly has an inspirational story to tell, one that was the subject of a Trinity Broadcasting Network interview a few years ago and one that will hopefully keep other youth from traveling down the same road he did.

Stay tuned for this story, which is scheduled to run in the next week or so.

In the meantime, I'll update y'all on the outcome of my first time behind prison walls.