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Men, how would you feel about receiving a Facebook friend request from your unborn son?

Sounds crazy, huh?

No, it is no futuristic, Matrix –esque type of situation.

But it is a new advertising ploy by Olla Condoms.

The condom company's ads are making their mark on the social media site.

Check out this MSN article on the topic:

A condom maker's ad agency thought it'd be a swell idea to scare men out of causing unwanted pregnancies by — wait for it — sending them Facebook friend requests from their unborn future offspring.

"Men like a lot of things. But there's something most of them wouldn't like very much," said an Olla Condoms ad. The next sound you hear: a baby crying.

According to the video, the ad agency identified "some" young men, "created their sons' profile," and sent Facebook friend requests to each of them.

The request was from a baby who bore the recipient's very same name — followed by "Jr." A note in the request basically identified it as an ad for the condoms.

But the all-too-clever "Unexpected Babies" social media ad campaign by Brazil's Age Isobar agency appears to be misfiring, so to speak. Even if the requests were sent to just a handful of men, in order to prove the concept, the fallout from the strategy is global.

Although the ads are creative, many think it errs on the side of spamming.

For the full story, click this link.

What do you think?

Would men be more likely to take measures to prevent pregnancy if their “junior” was their Facebook friend?