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Have you ever been so mad at an ex that you wanted to kill them and eat their body parts? Yeah, me neither.

But apparently, one Pakistani woman feels differently about it.

Check out this story from CNN:

Islamabad (CNN) -- A Pakistani woman is being held on suspicion of killing her husband, cutting him up and trying to cook the pieces, Karachi police said Friday. Zainab Bibi, 32, was arrested in connection with the murder Tuesday of her husband Ahmad Abbas, police said.

Her 22-year-old nephew, Zaheer Ahmed, is accused of helping Bibi stab Abbas to death and carve his body into small pieces. Police said she wanted to cook her husband's body parts so she could dispose of them without being caught.

Neighbors raised the alert when they detected a foul odor in the neighborhood, police said. Pakistan's domestic satellite channel ARY News spoke to Bibi in the police station where she is being held in the southern city of Karachi. In an interview broadcast late Thursday, she claimed to have killed her husband because he wanted a physical relationship with their daughter -- and said she did not regret her actions. "I killed my husband before he dared to touch my daughter," she told ARY News.

More background is provided in this additional news article from

Zainab Bibi confessed to cooking her husband like Omaima Nelson, cops tell news.

Zainab Bibi is accused of killing her husband, and then cooking him for a holiday dinner.

If Bibi’s alleged crime sounds familiar, it should.

Twenty-years ago this week, Omaima Nelson did the same thing to her husband.

And while it remains unclear if Zainab Bibi also allegedly ate her husband like Nelson, the arrested wife tells news she feels no regrets.

Twenty years ago, Southern California residents gathered around the dinner table to celebrate in an annual tradition.

On Thanksgiving 1991, Omaima Nelson and William Nelson were newlyweds.

She was a 24 year old former model and nanny from Egypt. He was 56 year old retired pilot who brought her to live with him in Costa Mesa.

Shortly before Thanksgiving, Nelson claimed that she was attacked one night by her husband. Asserting she had no one to turn to, she claims fought back and killed her husband in self defense with scissors and an iron. Prosecutors claimed she attacked him for his money.

By the end of the Thanksgiving evening, Nelson killed her husband, chopped him up, and feasted on her husband’s ribs with a side of BBQ sauce. She also confessed “Nothing tastes as good as the man I married.”

When she couldn’t find a place to dispose of her husband, Omaima Aree Nelson dismembered him and skinned him. She then boiled, breaded, and deep fried his body parts, a jury found.

She later told her psychiatrist that she dined on her husband, even dipping his ribs in barbeque sauce.

Now twenty years later, another woman is accused of carving up her husband for Holiday dinner as well.

Last Tuesday, Zainab Bibi, 32, was arrested for the murder of Ahmad Abbas. Zainab Bibi allegedly was concerned that her husband wanted to commit a crime against their daughter. So she claims she killed him, and cooked him, instead.

Zainab Bibi allegedly used her nephew to assist her in the crime. Police tell news that Zainab Bibi confessed to the crime. Neighbors called police after smelling something peculiar.

When they responded, they allegedly found Bibi surrounded by pieces of her husband in boxes and on the stove. IBT reports that the woman “cooked the body in parts, with spices and aromatic ingredients, that would curb the stench.”

But apparently it didn’t work; the stench was too strong, and neighbors called police.

Stories like these really give new meaning to the question, "What's for dinner?"


What is the cruelest revenge you have inflicted upon an ex?