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Image Image A group of UC Berkeley College Republicans sought to make a point about funding higher education for undocumented youth by holding a bake sale.

The group’s so-called "Diversity Bake Sale," which took place at the end of September, ignited protests and student unrest by selling cookies and brownies at varying prices depending on customer’s gender or the color of their skin.

Critics contended the sale was held to dramatize the club's opposition to SB 185.

The bill, which is currently being considered by Gov. Jerry Brown, would allow University of California and Cal State schools to consider race, gender and economic background when making admission decisions.

The price list was as follows:

White/Caucasian: $2.00 Asian/Asian American: $1.50 Latino/Hispanic: $1.00 Black/ African American: $0.50 Native American: $0.25 $0.25 OFF FOR ALL WOMEN!

The club says the pricing scale drove home its notion that the legislation discriminates against whites, especially white males.

Shawn Lewis, the College Republicans' president, reportedly claimed the event is "satirical" in nature.

A was created to advertise the event.

The GOP group, which received $3,791.11 from the school’s student government this fiscal year, faces possible punitive measures including a loss of university funding by the college Senate.

According to other reports, the student government's constitution states, "the Senate shall not fund any activity or group which discriminates against any student by race, color, religion, marital status, age, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, physical disability, political activity or belief in recruitment and acceptance for membership.

What are your thoughts on this “diversity bake sale”?

Should the group continue to receive college funding?

Would you have purchased anything from this group?