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Have you been keeping up with the story of the crazy mix-up that led to a Dallas teen being deported to Colombia?

If not, I’ll briefly catch you up to speed.

A Dallas teenager who has been missing for two years was mistakenly deported to Colombia by authorities after she was arrested for theft, according to a Dallas-area news outlet.

In January, it was learned that Jakadrien Turner, who had been missing for two years, was actually in South America.

Turner, who is now 15, ran away from home after her parents' divorce and her grandfather's death, according to earlier news reports. Shortly afterward, she was arrested in Houston for theft, and gave the police the fake name of Tika Cortez. It turns out the name wasn’t so fictitious.

Tika Cortez was a Colombian national who was in the United States illegally. Despite Turner’s subsequent pleadings and confessions that she had lied about being Cortez, federal authorities deported Turner — an African-American who does not speak Spanish.

According to Today’s THV, Turner’s family said when a judge asked Turner "Where do you want to be deported to?" the teen supposedly said Puerto Rico. When she was told she would be sent to Colombia, Turner allegedly thought it was Columbus, Ohio. Immigration officials reportedly told WFAA that they followed procedure, and they attempted to verify her identity and found nothing out of the ordinary.

Turner’s grandmother discovered her granddaughter’s whereabouts via Facebook. These days, Turner, who is three month pregnant and living in New York for the time being, told Dallas news station WFAA that she wants to share her story in hopes of keeping other young girls from running away from home.

The fight over how she was deported will likely be settled in court.

For the full story of Turner’s return, click this link.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

Do you think Cortez has a right to sue?

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