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It’s Monday, Jan. 16, 2011.

To some people this just another, regular day of the year, but to millions of others, this is a day set aside to wish the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. a happy birthday and to give thanks to him and countless others for their contributions to the fight for equality during the Civil Rights Movement.

Every year, we hear speeches about how younger generations who are farther removed from the strife and turmoil of the movement just really don’t understand what it was all about.

They have the misconception that things were always the way they are now. They don’t understand that in years past, they could not ride anywhere they wanted to on the bus; eat at whatever restaurant they wanted to; live wherever they wanted to live; drink out of any water fountain they wanted; attend any school they chose to attend or even vote for whoever they wanted to be president of the United States.

As a 27-year-old, I pride myself on having a pretty good understanding of the long way America has come in regards to racial equality.

Although I did not live through the Civil Rights Movement, I was taught the history of what happened from my family, through school and self-education as well as my own life experiences.

However, not everyone was fortunate to have my upbringing.

Sadly, I have to agree that many people of my generation as well as some of older and younger generations just don’t seem to grasp that same concept.

A co-worker of mine sent me a text message this weekend featuring a flyer for an MLK Day Weekend club party.

Appalled at the foolishness he saw being promoted on Twitter, he passed it along to me and possibly others so we could see the degrading, questionable and embarrassing attitude that some people have regarding King and others of the Civil Rights Movement.

The flyer was for a party being held on Jan. 15 at a Miami-area club called The Office.

As you can see from the flyer, which I posted above, it features foul language, strippers, liquor and King making it rain with dollars on the stripper squatting below him.

In my opinion, there are so many things wrong with this flyer that I don’t even know where to begin.

From the promotional group calling itself “N.I.G.G.A.Z.” to the half-naked black women posing and smiling for some cash, this flyer is demeaning to say the least.

I am confident this is not what MLK had in mind when he gave his famed “I Have a Dream Speech”; or when he and others marched across Pettus Bridge in Selma to fight for the right to vote; or when students stood at the schoolhouse door at the University of Aalabama; or even when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the back of the bus.

As a human race, we must all do better.

I’m not writing this blog post to cause a World War 3 debate on race relations, however, if you feel compelled to RESPECTFULLY share your comments on the issue, then feel free to do that.

However, I am writing this blog for the purpose of illustrating that while we celebrate MLK and many other holidays annually, a lot of the moral and historical lessons of the past seem to have gotten lost in translation somewhere along the way.

Some people don't understand or appreciate the sacrifice and effort it took to make things the way they are today.

As the old adage goes, you cannot go forward unless you know your past.

Happy MLK Day !