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Image Hello. I have a busy reporting week ahead at the Advocate. Here’s a snippet of what I have on my agenda:

Banned Books Summary: Find out why some books written by a local writer-in-residence are no longer welcome in Arizona.

The Circle of Life Summary: Find out the latest comings and goings at the Texas Zoo

Quieres aprender espanol? Summary: There’s a new language bachelor’s degree program at UHV. Find out more about how you can enroll.

Latino Labels Summary: I'm working on a story about whether Hispanics prefer to be identified by their family's country of origin, by pan-ethnic terms such as Hispanic or Latino, or as Americans. I'm also interested in the reasoning behind your decision. The U.S. Census just released some new data on the subject

Unfriended Summary: The Pew Research Center recently released some data on the social networking habits of adults as they work to manage their online reputation. Find out what is happening locally?

Here’s where you come in to the picture! I’m looking for sources for TWO stories:

“Latino Labels”: I am looking to speak with Hispanics for my story about how they choose to identify themselves. . According to recent Pew data, a majority, 51 percent, said they most often identify themselves by their family's country of origin, while 24 percent said they prefer a pan-ethnic label.

“Unfriended”: Is your main Facebook profile is set to private so that only friends can see it? Have you ever deleted people from your "friends" list or removed your names from photos that were tagged to identify you? If so, I want to interview you. Pew recently released data showing that people are paying more attention to online reputation management.

If you or someone you know fits these criteria and wouldn’t mind being interviewed, please contact me ASAP at 361-580-6521 or email me at Thanks!

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