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The nation, the world woke up to sad news today. A legend in his own, Peter Jennings, ABC anchorman, journalist, and narrator to the world passed away Sunday night after fighting lung cancer.

I first heard the news when I turned off the dvd I was watching at the time, and tuned the TV to ABC, a nightly ritual.

I fall asleep to ABC World News Now which runs from 2:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. When I finally do wake up, the first thing I turn on is Good Morning America. At work the first thing I do after I sign in to my computer and log into my email is check CNN for the latest headlines. I read the Victoria Advocate online during my lunch hours, and when I come home I make sure to always tune in to World News Tonight on ABC.

You can say with certainty that I am a news junkie. I was in awe during my trip to Time Square recently, not because of the stores, the neon lights, or the crowds, no, I was in awe because I was right in front of the ABC News ticker tape.

I first started my professional attempts at journalism because of this love for the news. I always was more interested in the story behind the story. That was why I enjoyed watching World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, why I enjoyed his special reports and documentaries. Like and old friend telling a tale, he informed us about things happening all over the world.

He was there on that day, that horrible day when everyone was unsure of their future, that day no one thought could happen, that day forever known as 9/11. Jennings reported all day and by doing so he was that voice of assurance and calm that we all needed to hear at that time.

Today an old friend has announced his final sign off, but his voice will not be forgotten.