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Was reading CNET today, that's where I go to find out the latest on new gadgets and tech news, and came across a list the editors made called "The Top 10 Tech We Miss."

Now while I don't agree with everything on their list, it is refreshing to be wistful about technology of the past. Their list included:

10. The Newton
Old school pen-based personal digital assistan(PDA)

9. LPs
If you don't know what these are then I'm going back to bed.

8. Wires

From Cnet:Try to buy communications equipment today—it's all wireless. Wireless networks, cellular phones, Bluetooth headsets. We say, bring back wires. Wired communications are faster, cheaper, and less prone to interference and don't need batteries. Want to make a clear phone call? Pick up an ordinary telephone with a good old coiled handset cord. Want really fast networking? Use wired Ethernet for a gigabit a second. We like portability, but our lust for cord-free technology has gone too far.

7. Good keyboards
I remember when keyboards weighed at least 10 pounds and could really do some damage to a person when thrown, but they would still work after taking a beating! I like how keyboards have advanced technologically, but please, make them more sturdy.

6. The original Palm Pilot
Monochrome and simple, yes, but I prefer the color screen.

5. GM's EV1
From Cnet: Up until 2003, you could lease a true zero-emission electric car from General Motors: the EV1. It was a science-fiction car of the first order, and it looked it—all swoopy lines and space-egg aerodynamics. None were made available for sale. When the leases on the EV1s expired, GM recalled the cars, over the ardent objections of many of the lessees, who protested, begged, and lobbied GM to let them buy their vehicles. GM would not relent, and, citing concerns over liability and parts availability, even took to crushing some of these high-tech marvels to keep them off the road.

4. The Concorde
Air travel for the jetset.

3. Napster
It was fun while it lasted. The current version is just not the same. (Probably because it's not free)

From Cnet:At the height of the dot-com bubble, you could get a candy bar delivered to your door for the price of...a candy bar. Kozmo, an online store and delivery service, promised fast, friendly delivery of almost anything: a DVD rental, a bag of groceries, or just a single pack of gum. It was incredibly convenient and a heck of a bargain. It was also too good to be true. The cost of the small-time deliveries contributed to the demise of this great idea.

1. Manned space exploration
It's just not as much fun to watch a robot on the moon or on Mars.

So I thought for a while and decided to make my own list of (sorta)tech things I missed:

1. Huge console TVs

You know the ones, they looked like furniture, took at least four grown men to move, had the required oak finish, and you could serve dinner for five on top of it. Sure they were huge and took up too much space, but they remind me of my childhood, waking up early on Saturdays to watch cartoons or sneaking in to catch Johnny Carson on at night.

2. VCRs

I know these are still around, but seems like not that many people use them(I do). I know DVDs are great and all, the quality is better, and heck I'm a sucker for the extra features. But I miss being able to rent a movie and watch it from beginning to end without having to worry about scratches causing the movie not to show properly.

3. Car radios with real tuning buttons

I remember back when you could actually see the dial moving and know where the station you wanted was at, that way when it was a rainy day or for whatever reason your station signal was a little weak you could still always find it on your own.

4. The Mullet


Oh wait, my bad, that is not something tech, nor is it something I miss!

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for advancement in technology, but sometimes you just miss the simpler things in life.