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On the weekends I do most of my freelance writing work, so that means I procrastinate as much as I can by browsing the Internet. Thought I'd share with you some amusing things I found on the net today.

FedEx Furniture
Barely able to pay his rent, Jose Avila used his creativity to solve his problem of not having enough money to buy furniture. He built an apartment full of furniture out of FedEx shipping boxes. You have to read it to believe it. Click on the link to read the article here.

So you think that is crazy? The story gets even crazier. Avila chronicled how he made his furniture on a website, and then FedEx tried to shut him down for copyright infringment.

furniture Furniture created by Jose Avila.

Remote Control Lawn Mower
You know you want one. Sit back on that lounge chair with your cold drink and pretend you are a kid again racing your RC cars. It is a little pricey I admit, probably would be more fun to make one yourself. Link here