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Ever since I was kid I liked gadgets.

Something about them I don't know how exactly to explain it, but I was drawn to them.

Maybe it was the shiny buttons, smooth metal or plastic exteriors, or just the awesome things they were capable of, but I was hooked.

This obession of course then led to more dangerous things, like taking apart such gadgets to figure out what made them "go" and then trying to put them back together after. Hey, at least I didn't spend ALL of my time watching tv. Good times...

When I was a kid my favorite gadgets were handheld video games, ones I usually found for cheap at flea markets and garage sales. This was before Nintendo's Gameboy and Sony's PSP. Yes, kids such things existed...I'm talking old school stuff here. I'll post some pics later.

So what are some of my favorite gadgets right now? Too many to mention in this post. However let me just dwell on one for today, and then mention some more later on, like some of the crazier ones I would like to have, like this one.(Ok, maybe not)

I know not everyone is going to like my choices, or think there are probably better options, but hey to each his own.

Anyway, my pick for the day:

Apple iPod

When I first heard about this mp3 player I knew I had to have one, and this was way before all those annoying commercials on TV. The iPod is a harddrive based mp3 player meaning you can put a whole lotta music on this thing. Or not even music, you can listen to audio books, or the hottest thing out there, podcasts. It also comes with some cool applications that you can use like an appointment book, games, and the newer versions have color screens and photo storage capability.

I waited for a while before I finally bought one (and for the prices to go down) and have been pretty pleased with it. I also bought the Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter, so I can listen to the music from my iPod on my car stereo and have hours of music for those long road trips.

The model of iPod I got was the third generation release, with 10 gig of harddrive space. I'll tell you what, I don't use even half of that, and I do have a LOT of music on it. The latest iPod out from Apple is the fourth generation. I do like my iPod, except that now I have my eye on the iPod photo, but that will have to wait. I have tuition to worry about...haha.