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Whenever I go back to my hometown the song "In My Life" by the Beatles runs through my head.

While not all of the lyrics apply to me, the general meaning of the song, remembering the places and people that one has met during life, does apply. That song will be on heavy rotation this weekend as I make my way back to the town where I first learned how to ride a bike after trying unsuccessfully for several months (yes, I was a slow learner), and the place where my after-school job was sewing, gluing, and punching holes in western belts and wallets. (Did I mention that Yoakum was the Leather Capital?)

It's funny how when you go back home everything seems different. Schools that seemed so huge and ominious look small and innocent now. That town you thought was so boring and bland seems like a nice calm place to sit back and relax in.

The town where I grew up hasn't changed a whole lot since I left, but you do see a few different things here and there. The Perry's store where my mom would go and buy fabric to make dresses for me and my little sister is now a dollar store. The place that used to be home to Stanley's grocery store now houses a Bealls, and yes, another dollar store. Main Street is pretty much the same, with a few places that are new.

I always enjoy going back to my hometown, a place I was so quick to get out of back when I was in high school. My first stop in town is always at the HEB, to pick up some goodies for Mom and Dad, and I always seem to run into a familiar face when I'm there and catch up on old times, and that is always good.

Who says you can't go back home?