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As hurricane Katrina approaches Louisiana, or is probably right over at as I type, updates of the the storm are all over the web. Thought I'd share some with you. Some of them are blogs, so even after the storm passes through it will be interesting to read firshand accounts of the aftermath. Other links are of webcams along the path of Katrina.

Information on Katrina

Wikipedia articles on Katrina

National Hurricane Center(NOAA) - New Orleans news - News from southern Mississippi

Images photos

New Orleans Live Cams
Webcams near New Orleans (note: if some are not working it is probably due to the storm):

Hurricane Katrina blogs:

Metroblogging New Orleans

Times-Picayune (New Orleans)- weblog
(updated by staff at the Times-Picayune)

Eyes on Katrina - A South Mississippi hurricane journal

Deadly Katrina

Dr. Jeff Masters, Director of Meteorology, Weather Blog

Storm Digest