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The damage done by hurricane Katrina is going to hit us all in the wallet. As you have heard or read by now, gasoline prices are going up.

Many of you are probably preparing to take advantage of the long weekend and take to the roads. Time to take out a loan to gas-up the car.

I don't know how high the prices will go up, but I do know there were some crazy long lines at gas stations all across the area yesteray evening. Reminded me of footage I've seen on tv of the gas crisis back in the 70's.

On the news I'm hearing all about a gas crisis, and it makes me want to look for fuel alternatives. Maybe I'll get a biodiesel car, put all those calories to work. Either that or I'll have to learn how to ride a bike again.

I know there are some websites that show gas prices for cities, like Gas Buddy. None of them seem to have current information for our area though.

What kind of gas prices are you seeing in Victoria and surrounding counties? Let me know of any places with cheap gas, hehe, I need to fill up.