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This will probably be the only time I wish I had listened to 95.1 KVIC. (Not a fan of morning radio shows, sorry.)

Watched the local news this evening and saw a report that mentioned the Recreation Superintendent for the City of Victoria was terminated over comments he made on the morning show at KVIC.

Anyway, the reason this person was on the morning radio show was to talk about the Holiday Lighted parade. During the interview the superintendent made comments that offended some people.

Apparently these comments he made were reviewed by city officials and deemed to be offensive and containing racist undertones.

The news report made no mention of what exactly was said. The reporter tried contacting the KVIC DJs but I guess they weren't talking...for once. (Zing! Sorry I couldn't help that one.)

Was anyone out there listening to that show?

The Victoria Advocate has an article about this today. Here's a snippet:

While on the air on KVIC radio, Vander Stucken said he was traumatized as a child by seeing a black Santa Claus with an Afro hairstyle.

The host shut off Vander Stucken's microphone, said Victoria Advocate staff member T.C. Baker, who was listening to the radio broadcast.

Click here to read the entire article.