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If you have some extra cash around the house, you may want to check out the AstroWorld Public auction on Jan. 6-8. As you may know, the AstroWorld in Houston was closed for good recently.

When I was a kid we would go there often and we have tons of photos of every year we went.

Looking through the photos is like looking at my own personal time line of fashion. You see me with my little bowl haircut and Buster Browns, then as I got older there are photos of me wearing my jams, (shorts that went just below the knee) Coca Cola sunglasses and a haircut that resembles a mullet. Ok, ok, dangit, it was a mullet. I was only twelve for crying out loud. I wasn't concerned with fashion (or appearance apparently) at that time.

Remember when Coca Cola fashion was all the rage? Consumerism at its worst, and I fell for it. I had a Coca Cola shirt that I begged my mom to buy me. I would also wear this Coca Cola watch one of my friends let me borrow for a while. I don't know why she let me borrow it, probably because she knew better than to wear it herself. Here's the crazier part, I wore that watch at the same time I wore my Swatch watch. Didn't you know all the cool kids wore at least two watches at once?

Anyway, what was I talking about? Ah yes, the auction. Here is a link with more info on the auction:
Six Flags AstroWorld public auction

Feel free to buy me the Thunder River sign, one of the few rides I would get on at AstroWorld. I'm not much of a thrill seeker.

Update on my dad: He is doing much better now. He had a good day today. If all goes well he may go home very soon.

Update II: Strike that, not so fast. He is doing ok, but not going home yet. More tests needed.