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Every year around this time, this day to be exact, I am reminded of a phone call we received early in the morning.

It's one of those calls that you know can only bring bad news because it seems that no good news comes at 3 a.m. A phone call that changes your life. A phone call that lets you know you have lost a loved one.

I was getting ready for work today and my sister asked me, "do you know what day it is today?" I said no, but I knew. It's always in the back of my mind. As soon as the calendar hits November I can't help but count the days. The fact that it is right around a major holiday makes it hard to forget. Yet even if it weren't a holiday I wouldn't forget it.

Since we got that phone call four years ago, things haven't been the same for my family and me. But we don't let it stop us. We keep on, echar pa'lante so they say. Because that is all we can do, move forward. We have hope for better things and we have to keep moving forward in order to obtain them.

In the next few days I know families are going to gather, meet, talk about old times. Cherish that time with your family, tell each other how much you love each other. You never know when you might get a phone call that can change your life.