Found this the other day and have been meaning to share it here.

Live streaming video of wildlife in Botswana can be seen on the National Geographic Wild Cam.

Embark on a quiet adventure and watch wildlife gather at Pete's Pond. Baby baboons scurry in the dust. Wildebeests push and shove to make room at the watering hole. Warthogs wallow in the mud.

The quality of the video is very good. I would suggest only those with high speed internet attempt to view this. If you are on dial-up I'm not sure how long it will take to load.

The other day I was watching as elephants took a bath in the pond...awesome when you think about it. Me here in South Texas, sitting in my living room eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes while watching these animals who are thousands and thousands of miles away. It still amazes me to this day.