I just wanted to say kudos to the Victoria Advocate for their excellent coverage on the explosions at Formosa. I'm not saying this just because I'm a blogger here either.

I first heard about the explosion at work this afternoon, a little after 3:30 this afternoon. When you work at a manufacturing plant, word of an explosion at another plant brings with it a sense of immediate sympathy, understanding and reflection on your own danger.

As soon as I heard someone mention an explosion at Formosa the first place I went was to the Vicad online's front page. Sure enough they had a news brief posted probably just minutes after it happened. I tried going to other places that may have local news, but nothing was to be found. Someone at work asked me if I knew of any local websites they could find the latest information about the explosion, I said the only one I know will update continuously is the Vicad online. I was right.

I hope that everyone will come out ok out of this. I had several friends that worked there, was worried about them, but all have checked in and are ok. Just tired. It was a long walk/run for them from the plant to safety.

Here's an email I got:

I was lucky and didn't have to run from the hurricane but I dang sure ran from that exploding plant this afternoon.

There were bits of "something" raining down on us as we went to the vehicle and on the vehicle as we were driving away. It sounded like small hail bouncing off my hardhat and the roof of the van. I work across the hwy -or did- may get axed for leaving.


It was a big bad fire. The vicad early reports say few were injured. I pray that holds true but I'll be amazed if so. When I heard about it I went outside and looked at the wind-sock, it was pointed right at me. I went back inside to get my PPE and have a better look and by the time I got back outside the air was thick with the smell of burning chemicals...we jumped in the van and fell in line with the rest of the vehicles leaving. Stopped in Pt. Lavaca and called in, then waited a while but soon realized they were closing the causeway and we would not be able to return.

Anyway, thanks again for our local newspaper, keep up the good work of keeping us informed.