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I was thinking of some of the favorite foods my mom would cook for us when I was a kid. One meal I always looked forward to were tostadas. I've noticed sometimes in restaurants they call them chalupas. I really never heard of chalupas until I saw them on a menu at a Mexican restaurant.

Although tostadas are often considered appetizers you can get yourself a plate of 3 of these bad boys, load them up with lettuce, tomato, chile, guacamole, melted cheese and you have a meal in its own there.

The tostada: bet you just can't have one!

Here is a definition I found on the Internet:

Tostada: Fried corn tortilla, often topped with beans, meat, tomatoes, lettuce and salsa.

Tostada is a Spanish word translating to "toasted" in English and, in Mexican cuisine, refers to a flat tortilla that is toasted or deep fried.

Tostadas fall into a genre of Mexican cuisine called antojitos or appetizers. Their ingredients are highly adaptable, and their composition is limited only by the cook's imagination.

In Mexico, tostadas can be anything from 4-inch miniatures topped with a spicy mixture for an appetizer, to larger tostadas piled higher for a quick, light, main meal.

Most Mexicans eat their tostadas outdoors and on the run. Tostadas are among the most popular street foods in Mexico, because of their nearly endless variety. It also helps that the tostada shell serves as an easy-to-hold edible plate.

In Tex-Mex cuisine, tostadas are often referred to as tortilla chips and are also served as an appetizer, without toppings, but with sauce or salsa for dipping.